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Respiratory Protection

Request for Service

Can we help? Call us at (405) 440-2095 or email

Respiratory protection services do not require an appointment. You can just come to our office during business hours.

If you would like to complete the Request for Service on this page it can make your visit go quicker and will ensure we have the adapters you require. After you Send the Request for Service you can optionally pay now or request services at your location. 

Send a Request for Service

Enter the information below to save time at our facility. Be sure to select Send the Request for Service when you are done. A notification will be sent to our office so we will be ready for your visit.

Who needs the test
Did you get a request to test?

Select the Services You Need

Select one or more services
Select a fit test type

Select a Payment Method

You can pay now or pay with cash or credit card at the time of service.

Payment method

When you are done entering the information above you can send your request to our office. After you send the request you can pay for services or schedule an on-site visit. 

Thanks for submitting your request. We look forward to seeing you.

If you opt in for receiving text messages you are agreeing to receiving text messages from Rhea Health.

Pay Now

If you would like to pay now, select the service to add to cart. Go to your cart (upper right on this page) to pay.

Request Respiratory Protection Services at your Location

You can come to our facility for your respiratory protection services or we can come to your location for an additional fee ($60). We can even provide services after-hours. 

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